Solar Charge Systems

Solar Charge Melbourne uses our 40 years experience and proven reliability to deliver the solar electricity Grid Connect system you want for your home, business and school.

We use the best Australian supplied solar equipment to deliver the solar electricity power you want.

Solar Charge your Business

Businesses can turn to Solar Charge to reduce their Electricity Bills. Careful planning and matching of solar output to loads can significantly reduce power bills. Array orientation is leveraged to match the peak power costs and bring maximum benefit. Combined with tax effective depreciation, quality solar power systems are of real benefit to small to medium businesses. Contact Solar Charge to assess how solar can improve your bottom line.

Solar power your home

  • Installed on time and on budget with all inclusive quotes.
  • We live with solar power at our Showroom and in our homes, and know what will work for you.
  • Utilising quality Solar panels and Li-Ion Batteries from LG Solar. We are proud to offer these non-Chinese products from a reputable company with a strong track record in Australia delivering quality electronics.

Battery Backup Systems

Battery backup systems are available now.

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