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Solar Power Systems Melbourne, Solar Electricity to Your Home:
Solar Charge is Melbourne solar power system designer and supplier. Get your home Grid Connect Solar power, Off Grid Solar power designed and installed for you. Visit our solar power show room in Melbourne.

      About Solar Charge (Melbourne): Authorised LG Solar Dealer
      Solar power designers Solar Charge (Melbourne): As Managing Director of Solar Charge Melbourne, Dr Richard Potter's expertise and career has always been in the Solar Electricity and Renewable Energy Industries. Design and implementation of residential and commercial Grid Connect and Off Grid applications. Solar power designers.

Solar Panels
German Solar Panels in Australia:
German solar panels made by Bosch which is our primary manufacturer. The highest quality and life expectancy of 30 to 40 years. We believ that for Australian conditions the best choice are German solar panels.

Solar Power Systems:
The increased public awareness of solar power systems in Melbourne. Solar Charge offers German made Bosch Solar panels and SMA Inverters. Advanced Solar Power Systems

Grid Systems
Solar Power Grid Connect Systems - Residential and Commercial:
Grid Connect Solar Electricity. Solar Charge has been designing and supplying solar power systems for over 37 years. We specialise in Residential and Commercial grid connect system. Grid Solar Systems.

      Grid Connect Solar Power Products
      Solar Panels, Grid Connect Inverters, Mounting Frames: We supply solar panels, grid connect inverters, mounting frames, inverter chargers any other solar power related components. Visit our Show Room in Melbourne. Great choice of mounting frames, grid connect inverters, chargers, batteries and solar panels.
      Residential Grid Connect
      Grid Connect Solar Systems - Residential Solar Power: Grid connect solar system provides residential solar power. Your solar panels can produce more power from the sun than the home is using, the excess flows out onto the grid and your electricity meter effectively runs backwards. Design and installation of Grid connect solar systems
      Commercial / Schools
      Grid Connect Solar Systems - Commercial Solar Power : High profile commercial grid connect solar power systems designed and installed by Solar Charge. Our grids work at Channel 7 (Melbourne), K2 Sustainable Housing, schools in Victoria. Government Solar Credits scheme has been expanded to include commercial businesses using grid connect solar power.

Battery Systems
Off-Grid Solar power systems designed and installed by Solar Charge. Supplying and installing off-grid and grid connected solar systems to homes in rural areas for over 39 years. Off-Grid solar power systems.

      Products for Off Grid Power
      Components for Off-grid Solar Power Systems: We supply maintenance-free batteries, battery chargers, inverters, inverter chargers, fridges, Ameresco solar panels, BP solar panels, solar charge controllers, wind turbines and regulators for off-grid solar power systems.

Videos and Images of Solar Power Systems:
Watch videos and photos of Solar Power Systems

Solar power for Homes Testimonials:
With solar power for homes our usage bills on the house are almost zero over the year. We look forward to the Victorian feed-in-tariff giving us more credits in the future. Great savings with solar power for homes

Contact Us
Contact Solar Charge:
Contact details and online contact form of Solar Charge (Melbourne) - company with over 40 years experience and proven reliability to deliver the solar electricity Grid Connect system you want for your home, business and school.

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